3 Quick Fixes For Hair Loss

What’s more painful than losing hair? Knowing that it takes months to remedy the damage! There’s just not enough time to sit around for weeks, hoping you sprout more hair—especially if you have an event or a party coming up.

With nearly 21 million women in the US facing hair loss, there has to be a faster way to cover up bald spots while your hair slowly grows back. Luckily, we’ve found three fixes that are quick and look great!

Change Your Hairstyle

Sometimes, the easiest solutions are the most effective! If you have a bald spot, strategically cover it with some of your hair with a new hairstyle to get away with it.

Braids and half up hairstyles are great ways to place hair over bald spots and ensure that they’re concealed. You can also wear a cute hair scarf or beret over the spot to hide it if your hair isn’t long enough to cover it. This strategy is a hit or miss, but there’s no harm in trying!

Colored Dry Shampoo

There are plenty of products out there for a quick fix. The most effective one we’ve found is colored dry shampoo, which you can spray on the parts of your scalp that are more visible!

Think of it like coloring in the lines! With dry shampoo, you can get one that matches your hair and step out without any worries. Although great, you do have to be careful about not spraying too much. This could make your hair greasy. Plus, make sure no one’s touching your scalp. The color will quickly transfer and stain their hands.

Hair Extensions

If you want a fix that has zero disadvantages, hair extensions are the way to go. You can keep them in for upwards of six months to a year while giving your hair rest from heat damage and letting it heal.

Hair extensions add volume to your thinning hair and cover bald spots in the most natural-looking way possible! You can even experiment with crazy colors and haircuts once you have hair extensions in, with zero worries about damaging your natural hair. It’s a win-win situation for you and your hair!

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