5 Services in the Beauty Industry to Make Money

Beauty services is an industry that has been growing a lot in recent years and that can generate a good return for those looking to specialize in this field.

There are many options available, but the ideal options is to look for just one type of service in the area of ​​beauty and qualify to be very good at what it offers. Many people try to offer all services and end up delivering a bad result, and what should bring more income, ends up harming profits.

Understand that no one can be good at everything and a poorly done job ends up tarnishing the image of the professional in general.

Also, offering all the services can be quite labor-intensive and you will need to invest in a lot of qualification courses and equipment right from the start.

Discover 5 beauty services that can make you earn a lot of money:

Hair Stylist

A very traditional profession is hairdressing. As it is something that directly affects people's beauty, it will never leave the scene. In this way, it ends up being another business opportunity for those who have hair skills and are willing to work providing this type of service.

Some of the main services include straightening treatments, coloring, haircuts, and of course, hairstyles for social events.

A very hot niche is the hair extension service. And that's what I'm passionate about and offer. This is a service that helps increase women's self-esteem and, of course, you can be paid very well for it.

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Another traditional profession in this market, and also one of the areas that has the greatest demand. This is because, unlike other services in the beauty area, manicure services are usually sought after weekly, since in order to keep your nails well done and clean, it is necessary to do them continuously.

So if you already have nail skills, this can certainly be a golden opportunity to start, even if the market is already very competitive.

What is on the rise in the manicure sector are acrylic or gel nail services due to their greater durability. Taking into account the price usually charged, manicurists don't lose anything in profit, since the nail is done every 20 days, and ends up costing the same amount if it was done every week.

Traditional manicure services are usually charge foot or hand around 35 to 70 dollars. Acrylic services can vary greatly, with a minimum value of 80 to 200 dollars depending on the city.

Makeup Artist

Even if it is not a service sought by the same client on a weekly basis, as makeup is usually performed for an important social event, the makeup segment is usually one of the most profitable. There are makeup artists that charge more than 200 dollars for a service, especially when it comes to makeup for brides.

Nowadays there are several ways to work as a makeup artist, from house calls, offering the service in a beauty salon or even setting up your own makeup studio.

Depending on your knowledge in the area, you can also profit through self-makeup courses that are well sought after today.