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I get asked this question on a daily basis and the answer is always the same…

Extensions do not damage your hair, you and your hair stylist damage your hair. As long as the extensions are installed correctly, maintained at home properly, and removed professionally and correctly, there will be no damage.

With that said, if any of those 3 things do not happen you are asking for a disaster!

Stylist: make sure your placement and sectioning are always integrity focused!

Clients: make sure you are listening to your stylist at home care instructions, protect your investment, and never remove your own extensions!


This is a question every stylist dreads… Let’s just say good hair isn’t cheap and cheap hair isn’t good!

Extension stylists invest our own time and money to educate ourselves to bring the best, healthiest, and prettiest hair to our clients. A single extension class can cost us anywhere from $600-$3,000. I have invested thousands of dollars in education to make sure my clients are getting the absolute best!

Hair that is cheap is never good for many reasons:

  1. Cheap hair is coated in silicon which makes the hair look shiny and smooth, but once the silicon wears away the hair changes color due to chemical reactions and becomes fizzy, matted, and shrinks a lot.

  2. Cheap hair won’t last as long, Great quality hair can last 8-9 months sometimes 12 while still looking and feeling great. Cheap hair can only last you 4-5 months and then is starts looking rough.

  3. It doesn’t take take color dye nicely or evenly and sometimes quickly fades out.

These are just a few reasons why buying cheap hair is a bad idea.

Extensions are an investment! If you want them to look natural, keep your hair healthy, feel good, and give you that confidence boost – its so worth it!

If you’re thinking about getting extensions be ready to drop some serious cash, but be prepared to be shocked and fall in love!

You’re not just paying for long hair, you’re paying for 1) good quality hair 2) An amazing stylist who knows what they’re doing 3) the health of your hair 4) Confidence 5) Hard work from a stylist who cares.


Consult with your Stylist to find the perfect length for you!


  1. BEADED: No heat or glue. Extension is held by a bead attached to the hair. Requires maintenance every 4-6 weeks and the hair is reusable.

  2. BONDS: Extension is attached to the hair with a keratin protein bond that is healthy for the hair. Can be worn 3-6 months straight with no maintenance.

  3. TAPE INS: A quick install and reusable. It is installed by “sandwiching” the hair between two pre-taped wefts. The result is a seamless finish. Requires maintenance every 4-6 weeks.

  4. WEFT: No heat or glue. The extension is installed by sewing each weft onto a track of silicone beads. Requires maintenance every 4-6 weeks.

  5. CLIP INS: The extension is clipped into the hair. Used for events and can be unclipped and reused for another occasion. They are not to be left longer than 24 hours in the hair.