Are Tape Wefts Better Than Regular Tape-In Hair Extensions?

Regular tape in hair extensions have been around for a while, but now a new type of tape extension has hit the US and Canada market from Brazil called Tape Weft Hair Extensions. Are they better? Well let's take a look...

Tape Weft Extensions are the same thing as regular tape in hair extensions except they are one long strip instead of small pieces. They are applied the same way: the client's hair is sandwiched between two tape panels. The hair itself costs about the same. The at home care is the same. The install lifespan is still about 6 to 8 weeks.

So what's the difference? As a hair extension specialist and hair extension tape weft user, here are 3 reasons why I love tape weft hair extensions over regular tape ins:

Blanket-Like Coverage

Because they are long strips, they give a blanket-like coverage which means instant length and mega volume. It's like regular weft hair extensions but without the chunky metals beads (that fine haired girls hate) so they lay super flat to the head. As a stylist - the after results are amazing.