How To Earn More Money as a Hair Stylist

The hair industry, despite being the oldest in the beauty sector, has never left the scene and continues to be increasingly sought after. What was once reduced to cutting, coloring and styling today encompasses a variety of innovative techniques.

Even with so much demand, there are professionals in the industry who complain about low income, or often having a lot of work for little return.

Working with hair is a profession that requires a lot of responsibility, as a simple mistake can cause enormous damage to the client, ranging from a hairstyle for an event that doesn't work out to a chemical service that can totally damage the client's hair. Therefore, before offering any new service, be sure that you really know how to perform a certain technique. Don't get tired of perfecting yourself and always be willing to grow and offer the best.

However, even if you are a super skilled professional and you are not getting the return you were hoping for, you need to understand that this is an entrepreneurial profession. You need to run your business.

You will have to take a deep look at how you approach your work. Are you a career professional, actively working on building your business? Or are you going into your “job” every day and just meeting demand?

Check out some tips to grow in the profession and earn what you desire or more.

Take social media seriously

Of course, you must use Instagram to promote yourself. If you haven't already, you should start now, because it's becoming the only way to efficiently grow your business.

Always keep in mind that your social media profiles are a reflection of you. If you're sharing your personal social media accounts with your work life, make sure you keep it stylish. If your social posts aren't all professional grade, create separate ones for your work life and limit public visibility (security settings) on your personal accounts.

Next, you need to actively put your work out there. That means taking before and after pictures of almost every job you perform. Choose the spotlights and display them for the world to see. Have good lighting, find a decent background and use the best camera you can.

While it is possible for you to acquire new clients directly in this way, the goal is to provide an easy digital portfolio of your best work to potential clients who are checking you out.

Dress up for success

Dress for the job you want, not the job you have. We know the saying is cliché, but this is as true in the hairdressing profession as anywhere else. Do you want to be a renowned hairdresser? Go to work dressed and groomed as if you were already one.

That means taking your appearance seriously and projecting yourself as the professional you are. Part of that will be the clothes you choose. Part of that will be how you keep your hair, your makeup, etc. I'm not saying you need to be dressed and groomed for a party, but dressed appropriately to make the best impression on your customers.

An investment in your work “uniform” is an investment in you and your business.

Know your numbers

It is very important for you to be clear about some metrics of your work, such as knowing how much you earn for each service offered. How much does your average customer spend each time they sit in your chair?

It's not simply knowing the amount you charge, but how much you profit by calculating the time it takes for the service, products spent, room rent and everything else.

At the very least, you need to know how many customers you have, how much they spend each time they come in, and how many times a year you expect to see them. Is it important to know how often your average customer comes t