How To Find the Right Hair Part for You

Did you know that your hair part can have a major effect on the way your face looks? Choosing the right hair part is a critical step in your overall look. Here we breaks down each part and what face shape works best with each.

Side Part

The side part is one of our favorite styles. It’s simple and gives a simple hair look something extra. This part typically works the best for people with diamond or square face shapes because it shows off the angles of your face. Decide on what side of your face (the left is our favorite) you like the best and allow your hair to do the work by opening it up.

Extreme Side Part

The extreme side part is definitely a fashionable look. By parting your hair this way, your cheekbones will be super noticeable. Bella Hadid is a fan favorite of this hair part because of her killer cheekbones! The jazz up this look you can add statement earrings or some retro waves.

Middle Part

The middle part has become a favorite of ours and the Kardashians in recent years. It is the simplest way to part your hair. The middle part is perfect for people with round faces because it allows your hair to be even on both sides. We love to style our middle part with sleek straight hair or beachy waves. We also love to use it when we’re rockin’ a ponytail or low bun.

Which hair part is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

Credit: Hair Extension Magazine

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