How To Start A Hair Extension Business With No Money

So you want to start a hair extension business? But one problem... you don't have the money.

We got you! Check out how you can jumpstart your career in hair extensions today.

Place of Business

First thing you must decide when starting out is where you will be applying hair extensions on your clients. In the beginning you probably don't have the cash flow to rent a space or chair to perform your work. So you have two options: your home or house calls.

In your home you can create a space (or a room) when you can set up a chair, mirror and table to have all your tools. Make sure your home is neatly kept and your clients will want to feel relaxed and comfortable when coming to you.

House calls are also a great option if your home is not available. Be sure to get yourself a mini suitcase or backpack to take all your tools necessary for application. And any personal items like a water and phone charger!

Find A Hair Vendor

Having a company where you or your clients can purchase hair from is probably the most important part about your business! Hair companies are great because you can have a reliable source to choose from all sorts of colors, length, and method types. Once you and your client have consulted, you will invoice the client for the hair upfront, then take that money to purchase your client's hair from your hair vendor.

Note: Premier Violet Hair Extensions offers an affiliates program where you can sign up to receive a special code to make your hair purchases with and earn money for each hair package you sell! Check out why partnering with us will benefit you here.

Use Social Media

Facebook and Instagram is a great way to market your business for free! Create a professional page to showcase your work and be sure to tag your city. Also take advantages of the hashtags using your city and what your offer - people are always searching!

Master Your Craft

In order to perform hair extension services you must know what you are doing. Premier Violet Hair Extensions offers tons of tips and trick and educational information for clients and stylist on our Professional Hair Extensions Blog page. Knowledge is power! And you want to be the expert for your clients, ready for all their questions and give them amazing results.

Want more? Let us help you build your hair extensions business with Premier Violet Hair Extensions online training, tools and affiliates program so that you are 100% confident, ready, and successful in your career.