Why Hair Extensions Are Growing More Popular Over The Decade

Hair extensions are semi-permanent beauty solutions that women are becoming addicted to for their promise of camera-ready results. I remember the first time I got hair extensions and I almost cried. It was a dream come true for a girl who always had fine hair and struggled to grow it out. I had it all – length, volume, and hair that was easy to style. I felt more sexy and feminine!

I discovered I wasn’t the only one who fell in love with extensions. Over 75% of women wear extensions to add volume and length, with a desire to look more glamorous and be able to change your style easily. And with the help of social media, which has greatly impacted the way we perceive and interact with the world around us, the billion-dollar extension business has grown at an annual rate of 30% to 50%.

Hair is a visual product, allowing for perfect marketing tactic on platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Social media has become the go-to marketing place for many hairstylists to get in front of potential customers anywhere in the world. Not to mention, with the boom of beauty influencers brands are able to reach millions of women who are on the search for thick, photo-perfect hair. Celebrities like the Kardashians/Jenners play a big role in the hair movement. These women change their hair color and length almost everyday and share it on social media. Now, everyone wants extensions.

Social media has allowed extensions to be accessible to the public. Before, the hair extension market was a celebrity professional experience, even clip-ins. Today, they have become more affordable for people across the country. The tape-in and clip-in extension are more popular among consumers because of their easy application and low price points.

Will the hair extension trend ever end? Market researchers believe there is nowhere to go but up.

However, with more than 100 hair extension companies producing hundreds of colors – the human hair extensions are running out of supplies, which may lead to the peak of this hair movement. Now, these companies are trying to recreate human hair in synthetic forms to keep up with the demand. But all in all, hair extensions will hold strong in the industry because of the confidence and beauty it brings to its consumers.

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