Why I Love Tape Weft Hair Extensions

Premier Violet Hair recently launched a new services known as "Invisible Tape Wefts". This method type has shot up in popularity among our clients and customers and has become our highest selling hair extension type. But after you read why, you may fall in love too.

Here is Why I Love Tape Wefts:

Its super discreet! As you can see in the photo, the tape weft is applied closely to the scalp - blending in with the part line. If the wind blows and your extensions do accidentally get exposed, no worries! This thing looks like hair hair is coming from your scalp!

Its durable. This extension type has the foundation of a machine weft, which means it can be cut anywhere along the track and it won't unravel! Machine wefts are the most strongest, long lasting extensions when it comes to making hair extensions because it's made by a machine - there is very little room for human error.