Wigs 101

Lace wigs are a hot topic in the market right now. Everybody just loves the look of lace wigs. There are different types of lace wigs in the market. Some of them are transparent lace wigs, full lace wig, lace front wig, bob wig, 360 lace wig, etc.

A lace wig can be defined as a special and different type of hairpiece. It is a hair-piece where the synthetic hair or human hair is connected with the base of the lace. That lace is used as a wig to cover the hair.

Today the most common type of wigs are lace wigs. You often wonder, what are the different types of lace wigs? Well, there are mainly three types of lace wigs that you will commonly found in the market. And they are- Front lace wigs, 360-degree lace wigs, and the full lace wigs.

Front Lace Wigs

The first type of lace wig we will be talking about is lace front wig. For this kind of wig, the lace covers the dimension from one ear to another. The rest of the wig is machine-made. The most important reason for using lace is to cover the front and make it look more natural.

There are different types of front lace wigs to choose from. It includes 13*6 and also 13*4 lace front wig made of human hair and sometimes synthetic hair. The synthetic hair used in lace front wigs also looks very realistic. One cannot even distinguish a normal human hair from the top quality synthetic hair wigs. It is always recommended to choose a good quality lace wig if you want it to last long.

In the case of a human lace front wig, you can do whatever style you want. You can even bleach or color human hair wigs. Human hair front lace wigs are more durable and also budget-friendly.

360-degree Lace Wigs

The next lace wig we will be talking about is 360 lace wig. There are ways to define the best kind of 360 lace wigs. In this kind of lace wigs, sheer lace is used. The sheer lace is placed around the whole headline and hairline from the beginning to the end.

Then it is finally attached to the round surface or circle of the lace wig. All this effort is made just to make it look natural. It will make you feel as if the hair is growing from the scalp.

You can do different types of hairstyles. The most favorite hairstyle in this lace wig is high ponytails. The lace gets surrounded by a circle, so nobody will ever understand you are wearing a wig!

Full Lace Wigs

The third in the list comes to full lace wigs. The specialty of these types of wigs is that the entire base is made of lace. Another unique feature of the full lace wig is that it is 100% hand-made.

Each section of the hair is hand-tied. It means one can treat these wigs as their own hair, part the hair from anywhere, and do their desired hairstyles. Full face human hair lace wigs are everyone’s favorite because it has one size that fits all. The cuticles in this lace wigs are kept intact, and they run in the same direction.

If you go into more detail, you will find different types of full lace wigs. Like- full lace wigs with stretch in the middle, full lace wigs with poly strips, full lace wigs without any stretch. They are also available in S, M and L sizes.

Transparent Lace Human Hair Wigs

If you are thinking about the transparency of the lace, then no worries, there is a type of wig that goes completely hidden called the transparent lace human